Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nine Days!

So I leave in nine days!  I feel like it is Survivor China because I am going to a foreign country and will be living only on rice.  Hopefully my group of travelers won't vote me off. 

This whole thing really is amazing.  Three years of paperwork and with only some medical records and a couple photos, I am taking a giant leap of faith by going around the world to get my daughter. It is quite insane, but from the beginning I knew that everything would work out.  Even though I am going WAY outside my comfort zone and traveling around the world to bring a child who can't speak English, that I have never even met into my family, I know it is going to be amazing.  Maybe being on an airplane for fourteen hours with a three year old is not going to be exactly amazing, but I will let you know.

Shopping for a little girl has been a dream come true.  Here is a picture of the first outfit I bought her.

What?  You say enough with pictues of a suitcase and clothes.  I totally agree, you will just have to wait for my trip.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Weeks

I am really leaving in two weeks! In an effort to stick with my one bag plan I have noticed that my biggest pain is medicines!  What is the deal?  I have meds in case I have a headache, allergies, boost immunity, vitamins, antibiotics, nausea relievers, night time cold relief, pink eye, scabies (seriously?), not to mention the four prescriptions I have been told to bring for my daughter in case she needs them.  I would take the meds out of their bulky packages except I am scared that there will be some stupid airport issue and they will get thrown out.  Something has got to give and there might be some serious medicine editing. 

I bought plastic bags for my liquids and thought this bag is huge I can put a bunch of things in here!  Then I realized I bought gallon and not quart bags.

Here is a picture of my one lonely bag.  It converts into a backpack which is really cool but it does not have any special compartments for the pharmacy I am toting with me.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Three Weeks

Hey everyone!  I am headed to China in three weeks to get my three year old daughter.  For those of you who don't know me very well, here are a few facts about myself.  I love travel!  I am very low maintenance and am not concerned at all about my hair or clothes.  I am very flexible about what I eat and don't really follow any type of schedule.  Okay who am I kidding?  None of those things are true.  I have no desire to travel and am VERY high maintenance in about every category known to man especially my clothes, hair, exercise and food so this trip is going to be a challenge for me but hopefully entertaining for you.

My first challenge is packing.  My plan is to bring one carry on bag for my 15 day trip!  Don't think I can do it?  I am high maintenance but am also a minimalist so I can totally do this, right?  Oh, I also have to pack some things for my three year old daughter.  Still totally going to do this!  I found a great packing website at onebag.com and am following some tips from that. 

Here is a picture of my daughter reading a photo book that we sent her with pictures of us.

By the way, the city where my daughter is from is know for their specialty dish of noodles and horsemeat, hence the name of this blog.  Something tells me that is not the only meal I will be skipping.