Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nine Days!

So I leave in nine days!  I feel like it is Survivor China because I am going to a foreign country and will be living only on rice.  Hopefully my group of travelers won't vote me off. 

This whole thing really is amazing.  Three years of paperwork and with only some medical records and a couple photos, I am taking a giant leap of faith by going around the world to get my daughter. It is quite insane, but from the beginning I knew that everything would work out.  Even though I am going WAY outside my comfort zone and traveling around the world to bring a child who can't speak English, that I have never even met into my family, I know it is going to be amazing.  Maybe being on an airplane for fourteen hours with a three year old is not going to be exactly amazing, but I will let you know.

Shopping for a little girl has been a dream come true.  Here is a picture of the first outfit I bought her.

What?  You say enough with pictues of a suitcase and clothes.  I totally agree, you will just have to wait for my trip.


  1. SOOOOOO CUTE! And I bet she will do great on the plane. She's past the baby stage when their ears can't handle it but small enough that she won't be horribly uncomfortable. Do you have an iPod that can show movies? Download some from iTunes and let her have at it.

  2. Adorable outfit! She will love it! Post more photos, Johnna! :)

  3. this is true but you will have much support from your family and close friends. love your dad

  4. Johnna, I got teary eyed reading this! I have been thinking of you since yesterday --sorry I couldn't get to you before you left, I have been out of town. I'm thinking that by now you've completed your first plane journey and are on solid ground. Hope everything went well! Email me if you need any advice while you're in China. I can't wait to see pictures of "Gotcha Day"

  5. Johnna,
    I have a tear in my eye reading about your adventure. I am so proud of you.
    God is so great and this is all in his plan..or you would not be doing it, right? I think back to the first moment I met you and I thank GOD for letting us cross paths.