Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Weeks

I am really leaving in two weeks! In an effort to stick with my one bag plan I have noticed that my biggest pain is medicines!  What is the deal?  I have meds in case I have a headache, allergies, boost immunity, vitamins, antibiotics, nausea relievers, night time cold relief, pink eye, scabies (seriously?), not to mention the four prescriptions I have been told to bring for my daughter in case she needs them.  I would take the meds out of their bulky packages except I am scared that there will be some stupid airport issue and they will get thrown out.  Something has got to give and there might be some serious medicine editing. 

I bought plastic bags for my liquids and thought this bag is huge I can put a bunch of things in here!  Then I realized I bought gallon and not quart bags.

Here is a picture of my one lonely bag.  It converts into a backpack which is really cool but it does not have any special compartments for the pharmacy I am toting with me.


  1. Don't give up, there's hope! On our trips to China I never had anyone search my carry-on so thoroughly that they messed with the meds. I crammed them all into a small cloth zipper pouch and I did take meds out of original containers and combine them into smaller ones. If it came in a box like immodium or sudafed I took the smallest amount I thought I would need and just flattened the box. For my important meds, I actually put half in my weekly pill box and then combined the rest into the smallest labeled pharmacy bottle I had and took copies of prescriptions for each. Same with vitamins and calcium, just combined two weeks worth into a small bottle. I also put a minimal amount of OTC headache meds in a mini pill box and just kept it with the rest out of the kids' reach.

    The only issue I ever had was a small tube of benadryl anti-itch cream I had stuffed in my med pouch and forgotten about. U.S. security picked up on it and made me unpack my carry-on until I showed them the 'liquid' I had in there. Once they saw it and I moved it to my quart size ziploc bag, we were good to go...

    Good luck!

  2. I do not envy you that trip. The one bag policy is a good one, though. Will you have access to laundry? If so, you should be in good shape.

    Excited to meet her!


  3. Yes,she will have enormous access to laundry, It is readily available ad super cheap. When I traveled two years ago, I had tons of meds- and seriously needed NONE of them. One travel companion got sick,(the only of 20) but just used a Z pac from her doc. Again, stuff can be had,and is also available from your travel group, Your guide can get what you need. I would edit that list! Like you, I am a minimilaist when it comes to travel!

  4. Thanks so much for the medicine advice. Flattening the boxes, genius! I never thought of that! The only prescriptions I filled were for an anti-nausea and antibiotic (both in pill form). I took my vitamins and combined them in the bottle with my zyrtec and was freaked that it would be some huge deal but it sounds like the big pain is really for liquids.